Have you checked your “Connecting Signals”?

Have you ever gotten disconnected without even noticing it? – You are on the phone, you keep talking and suddenly you realize… “There is nobody home”! You have lost connection… Do you ever get the “no signal” sign? Maybe you are trying to communicate with an audience, with a co-worker or your supervisor, and simply can’t connect…

According to Ralph Nichols, “The number one criteria for advancement and promotions for professionals is an ability to communicate effectively”.

To communicate effectively, we need to start by connecting with people.  No matter what our background is or what culture we come from, connecting is vital for success in our relationships, not just at work, but also with our family, friends and the community.

John Maxwell says that “Connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in such a way that it increases our influence with them”.  And he also says that Leadership is Influence…

The good news is that we can work on our “connecting signals”, which tell us if we are connecting or not.  In this post, we are going to consider 3 of those connecting signals that will help us make sure we are not disconnected.

The first one is: GO THE EXTRA MILE.  Connecting takes effort and preparation.  When you are presenting to an audience or you are meeting someone for lunch, be prepared to ask the right questions, do your homework.

You also want to ESTABLISH AN EMOTIONAL BOND.  In the second grade, I had a teacher that everyone in our class loved…why was that? – She established an emotional bond with each one of her students.  Have you had people in your life that have influenced you? Most likely they could establish that connection with you.

The third connecting signal is: MAKE SURE YOU TRANSMIT A POSITIVE ENERGY.  You want others to “want” to connect with you.  Some people are like the elevator guy whose elevator only has the “down” button.  They only go down and they want to take others with them…to the contrary, you want to be a “positive connector”.

Finally, we would like to consider one more quote from John Maxwell: “The ability to connect with others begins with understanding the value of people”.   In other words: connecting begins when the other person feels valued.

One of the reasons why we don’t connect with others is because we focus too much on ourselves, we worried too much on “how do I look” or “what do other people think of me”.  To be able to connect with others you want to forget about yourself, because connecting is all about others!

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