The Greatest Story Ever Told

If you are like most people, you like stories! People like excitement, drama, laughing…they want to see pictures and be able to feel what happened.  We all can make our life a great story!  In his book “Intentional Living”, John C. Maxwell tells the following story:

Back in 1976, I received a gift from my assistant.  As I unwrapped it, I saw it was a book, and I was intrigued by the title: “The Greatest Story Ever Told”.  I couldn’t wait to read it.

But when I opened it, I was shocked.  The pages were blank.  Inside was a note that said, “John, your life is before you.  Fill these pages with kind acts, good thoughts, and matters of your heart.  Write a great story with your life.”

I still remember the excitement and anticipation that surged through me when I read her words.  For the first time it made me think about how I was the author of my life, and I could fill every page with whatever I wanted.  It made me want to be significant.  It inspired me to do whatever I could to make my life matter.

As I read John’s story, I realized that I didn’t have the opportunity to design the first chapters of my life, my influence was limited.  I cannot erase what happened in those chapters either, but I learned that as we grow up, we can certainly have a much higher influence over the end of the story.

Where is your bookmarker in the story of your life? That place is called “today”, and for sure you can start having a direct influence over what is to be written in the next chapter.  Your story has many blank pages to fill, go ahead and as you write them, make sure they take you to a great “end of the story”.


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