Climbers’ Dreams


The desire to accomplish things, to achieve goals, to be successful, is in our nature.  And sometimes our dreams, like reaching the top of a mountain for a climber, challenge us.  They challenge us because we know that we are not going to come to the fulfillment of that dream by accident or by chance.  The first step to reach a goal is to set that goal.

Climbers don’t reach the summit of a mountain by chance or accident, they set their minds to reach that goal and take the necessary steps to get there.  In that same way, when we set goals in our lives, we need to fill our minds with positive thoughts and our hearts with hope, but above all we need to take the necessary steps to get there.

Sometimes we just need to accept the challenge our dreams put before us, convince ourselves that there is a way to fulfill them and be enthusiastic! We are motivated when we see the persistence and effort that others put into pursuing their goals.  Enthusiasm is contagious…

When my son is rock climbing, I know that he has attached himself with a rope to someone else that is belaying for him at the bottom of that rock or mountain.  His life depends on that.

That is what climbers also do when climbing snow covered mountains.  I heard the story of two friends that were climbing this way, when suddenly they faced an avalanche that left them hanging from an ice peak.  They knew their life depended on being connected to each other.

This applies to many areas of life like marriage, businesses, and much more; it is rewarding to know that you can depend on others.  We are not expected to reach our personal goals as “lone-rangers”.

There was a “lone-climber” that fell in the dark of a crevice; hanging from a rope, he cried – God save me! – An inner voice told him: – cut the rope… – He didn’t obey that voice and the next day he was found frozen hanging only a few feet above the ground.

Reaching our goals requires that we listen to God, to others and sometimes to that inner voice that doesn’t always come as thunder or an earthquake but simply as a small voice.

Let me leave you with a quote from an old Himalaya explorer who said: “The moment one commits oneself, Providence moves too”.