Start the new year with a Personal Growth Plan

Personal growth is not an automatic process like physical growth

Have you watched kids grow? they don’t need to do anything about it, they just grow!  A few days ago my first grandchild was born, and I am amazed to see how babies grow every day.
Now, personal growth is not an automatic process, it takes a conscious decision to start growing.

What is my mission, my purpose in life?

An important key for us to be able to answer these questions is to understand the difference between what we want to DO in life and what we want to BE.  From the moment I registered for College, I knew what I wanted to do: I wanted to do what Business men do…that is our occupation, but what we want to be is our passion.

Join me and invite others

Since I joined the John Maxwell Team, I made the decision to start growing personally, to build a growth plan and to help others grow as well.
In my website you will find many resources like the Leadership Assessment, or my Master Mind groups.
The products section has a huge selection of John Maxwell books and resources.  Join me and share this with others, together we can start a journey of personal growth! (more news to come).